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June- July 2012 Update

We updated the gallery/ilustration page with a better pic and infos about Franck Ulmer, Alph, Li-An, Paul Lehr and Bordon, new additions about comics authors Schuiten and Peeters, an interesting stereoscopic digital picture by Stoic decay, a page about Vladimir Kush with 2 paintings that remind the Isle by Böcklin. Also nice copies of the version III. Then eventually loaded a hundred (!) paintings by Antonio Nunziante. New paintings by Borislav Sajtina, Michael Pucciarelli aka Pooch and Christian Broutin, updates about Salvador Dali.
Thanks to Catherine Larenaudie.

Check our gallery of paintings/ comics/ illustrations, Schuiten and Peeters, Vladimir Kush page, Antonio Nunziante page, and stereoscopic digital images, other digital by Gino Caspari, Vilk Stolem, and new copies

Added also 3 paintings by Alessandro De Felice (2000 and 2011) also author of "Il Cesare Metafisico:
dal romanticismo artistico alla malinconia totalitaria.
Il mistero magico de "L’isola dei morti" di Arnold Böcklin "

New additions in Pascal Lecocq's paintings

ink by Franck Ulmer

Coming soon... more update about architecture, book, game, painting...:

Check our gallery of curiosity/locations with pics of the Burial Island (Eilean Munde, Scotland), Thanks to Jerôme Poignon (3 pics, 2011) and an unknown location by Ubu, thanks to Catherine Larenaudie

Check our gallery of musicians with m0re infos about the "Toteninsel"by Shulz-Beuthen, recorded by Adriano. Thanks to Adriano Kestenholz (also author of the movie Isola dei morti (1996)

Check our gallery of paintings with an interesting point of view by Martin Stejskal, also author of the article: Arnold Böcklin, smrt, Cyp?iš vždyzelený a Ostrov mrtvých (see in our homepage) and creator of a video game (to be added later here), (Thanks to Martin Stejskal, 2011)


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